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Great Story and Characters

Night Sins - Lisa Renee Jones

There is the Chosen Seven - women born into their destiny who are overseen by the Council Of Lords who represent the law over all things paranormal.  These women protect humans. Each woman protects a portal that opens with the full moon. Supporting the Chosen Seven in surrounding cities are the Watchers. When one of the Chosen die one of the Watchers become the next Chosen. Kayla was a Watcher and stepped into Night Sins Hotel And Casino that Ethan who is a vampire owns. Ethan looks like money, sex, and affluence.Ethan enticed Kayla with bits of information and the Council would not approve of Kayla going to Ethan. The Council felt Kayla pushed their rules to the limit. But innocents were dying and Kayla hoped that Ethan may know something. Police had found three dead female bodies with bite marks who were female staff members of Ethan's. The police think it is a serial killer but Kayla thought it was vampires- The Blood Brothers, The Watcher before Kayla had died trying to fight the Blood Brothers. Who Ethan said were responsible and he would handle it. Ethan had came to Vegas to stop the Blood Brothers. Each woman killed had been one of Ethan’s lovers at one time. Then Kayla was seen with Ethan.

I loved this supernatural novella. This story had alot  of things involved in it: vampires, Watchers, Chosen Seven, betrayal, Vegas, instincts of a mate, murder, hatred, and so much more. For a novella it held alot and I loved it all. I hope to read more of Ethan and Kayla as they left me wanting more as a good novella will do. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.