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Good Story and Characters

The Deal with Love - Jamie Wesley

Elise’s father Dale was the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Stampede and the Stampede ahd just won the NBA title last month. Elise had never been in love , never let anyone that close to her. Her parents had a happy marriage until her mom passed away when Elise was eleven so it’s not she didn’t believe in love she did. Elise was the Stampede’s assistant manager . Elise was there for the celebration of one of the team’s player Bradley had gotten engaged to Caitlyn. Elise had to show her support as part of her job. Christian- Caitlyn’s brother- had jokenly hit on Eloise when she was at the bar. Eloise was attracted to Christian and decided a one night stand would be fine. Eloise kept her secrets close to herself such as she would never measure up. And the fear she would never be able to achieve everything she wanted to because of her gender. Christian was a media teacher for a local public High School. Then Eloise’s father gave her the job of general manager after the one they had retired. There was a lot of controversy so Dale asked Christian to to record a week Of Eloise life and Christian said yes.

I enjoyed this story. I have read stories like this but it was a woman breaking into the mans world of sports as a general manager of a title winning basketball team and the toughness of being a woman in this position. This was well written and i really liked the plot. I liked the ins and outs of this story. I also liked the ins and outs Eloise and Christian went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.