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Sister Eve and the Blue Nun (A Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery) - Lynne Hinton

Dr Kelly Middleworth was at the monastery to give a talk. She had originally been contacted by her brother who was also a brother there- brother Anthony.But Kelly and her brother had an argument that evening . Kelly hoped he would stop by her room that night but someone had left her tea and she would like to believe it was her brother. When at another church brother Anthony had found some pages of the Blue Nun. Kelly had already broken her promise to tell no one and called her colleague and lover and told him of the findings a couple of days earlier. Brother Anthony felt he had stolen the pages and wanted to return them as they were writings from the 1600’s from Sister maria de Jesus de Agreda to the juman Indians. Sister Eve was friends with Brother Anthony and Kelly. Many wanted the Blue Nun -Sister Maria to be named a saint and Kelly hoped this discovery would further the beautification process.  Kelly drank the tea and then died. Brother Anthony told Father Oliver as well as Sister Eve it was his fault his sister Kelly was dead. The police were called but then brother Anthony disappeared. Sister eve’s father had a leg amputated and Sister eve toke a leave of absence to take care of her father and work as a  P i for him as that was her father’s business. Sister eve was also questioning her calling as a nun and she must decide soon what she is going to do. Sister eve is positive Brother Anthony never killed his sister now to prove it.

I had Mixed feelings about this story. I didn’t love it and i didn’t hate it . The story had a couple of subplots and for me that just toke away from the story. But i did enjoy the the action, secrets, betrayals and all the other things in this story. It just didn’t  WOW me.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.