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Good Story and Characters

Undying Hope - Emma Weylin

Haven was in the ER with Bastian who looked human but Haven knew was not. Her grandfather - Marcus Killian was the leader of a secret organization called the Black Rose. Two thousand years ago a creature named Caderyn had created the Black rose as a supernatural police force of sorts. Bastian was fourteen and sweet and considerate most of the time. But Bastian would fight anyone that was violent to anyone he believed was an innocent. After a fight Bastian had a horrible headache . Bastian never fought unless pushed. Bastian had been kicked out of three schools in about three months. Also Haven’s grandfather was searching for her as haven was suppose to marry his choice of an heir. The leadership of the Black rose would fall to whoever Haven married. When Haven saw Mason who her grandfather wanted her to marry was very cruel she toke Bastian and ran away. Quinn could help Bastian and he was rumored to be in Chicago and that was where they were. Quinn actually saves haven’s life from Kyros who was an evil demon. He toke haven and Bastian to safety.

I liked this story quiet a lot. It had an awesome plot. The characters were great. The action was very good and the romance even better. I was happy when Quinn found Haven as it would help him and his tiredness of the evil in the world. Haven needed him for Bastian but also herself. I loved the twists and turns of this story especially those involving Quinn and Haven. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.