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Good Story and Characters

SLATE - Kelly Gendron

Rayma and Slate became friends as kids when Slate had ran some bullies off and fixed a stuffed animal for Rayma. Rayma got herself into a lot of sticky situations but Slate always seemed to save her. Rayma gets her heart broke by Sate but he did it to give her her freedom to make a better life. Rayma had left the Bayou six years earlier with a broken heart. Slate had been in a fire and had several surgeries and he shut himself down so he would not feel the pain. Also Slate was touched so much since the fire that he doesn’t like anyone to touch him anymore. Slate ends up getting hooked on pain pills and from there it’s anything he can get his hands on. Slate has been high for three years. Rayma decides to step in and stays with Slate for three days while the withdrawal phase of Slate’s addiction is over then it’s all up to him if he stays clean. Then Slate sees Rayma in the bar talking to someone else and tells Rayma he will show her who she belongs with. But Rayma says she isn’t going there again.

I liked this story a lot. The plot was good as well as the writing. The only thing I really have to say against this story is an addict must stay clean for themselves nit someone else and it is still hard. It would also take more to fight the urges to get high again. But besides that this story is great. I was also happy with the ending. Also the twists and turns of the story but also the twists and turns Rayma and Slate went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.