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Soul of Smoke (Dragonsworn) - Caitlyn McFarland

Kai is twenty and works part time as a rock climbing instructor. Then she finds an injured woman and sends the two others with her to get help. But the woman insists she must go to her brother and warn him’ then they are attacked by dragon shifters. A dragon falls at Kai’s feet and turns back into a man- Rhys. Kai ends up saving Rhys life. Rhys accidentally touches Kai and becomes heart-sworn to Kai. But Rhys wants to give Kai the choice to finish the bond or not with a kiss even though it is painful for Rhys.

Well I liked this book but in the beginning I got confused with names and names of places. I also thought Kai left a lot to be desired for the heroine of this story. The way fate happens to the world lies on Kai’s shoulders if she wont kiss Rhys the world as they know it will end few will survive. What is so hard with that decision. I know she has to sacrifice but she wont have to worry if she doesn’t kiss Rhys. That just irritated me in so many ways. The other characters were good especially Rhys and how he wouldn’t force Kai. I liked the ins and outs of the story for the most part.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review