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Good Story and Characters

A Friendly Engagement (Entangled Select Contemporary) (Friends First) - Christine Warner

Omar is a workaholic and owns Esterly Finance. Being a workaholic seems to be a trait he had inherited from his dad. But then Omar has a potential client -William- he can’t quiet connect with and he thinks it’s because Omar is single/ Devi is his friend and employee. Neither Devi or Omar has ever been in love. Omar suggests Devi become his fake fiance. Devi hates lies and lieing but she will get a large raise that will help her her find her missing father she had never met. As the story goes on their is a growing attraction between Omar and Devi.

I liked the story a lot. There was a good plot and this was well written. Also was a quick read which was fine. I did feel that Omar’s and Devi’s friendship turned into love a little too quickly. More like lust at first anyway. I liked all the ins and outs in the story especially between Omar and Devi. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.