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White Raven - J.L. Weil

Piper’s mom had been her best friend, her world. Piper’s mother had been shot to death  five blocks from home. Piper’s younger brother was T J who was fifteen to Piper’s seventeen. Their father sent Piper and T J to grandma Rose’s who they had never met. They were to stay the summer at Raven’s Hollow. Piper’s father was a mess since his wife had been murdered. Piper had to step up : she made sure they ate, had clean clothes and paid the bills or they wouldn’t have been paid and make sure T J went to school. Yet she and TJ were being sent away from all they knew. Rose’s home was a mansion and each kid had their own suite. Piper felt the house was full of secrets. Then Piper sees Zane and a jolt goes through her. But Zane seems to be a jerk to Piper.

I think this story was just a little to young for me. I did like the plot.but once again inst-love -lust-. At times during the story Piper really annoyed me the way she acted. I did like the paranormal element of this story but it just wasn’t enough. The beginning of the story was kinda slow and that threw the story off for me also.I could have used a little more explanation to the fantasy element also maybe some background on Piper’s parents.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.