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Great Story and Characters

SEAL's DESIRE (Take No Prisoners Series) - Elle James

Remy had just finished a mission in the hills of Afghanistan. He just wanted some quiet time to himself. There was one woman Remy could never forget and it was Mitchell who was a very focused female. Mitchell was a NCIS agent. When Remy first met Mitchell she was dating Brewer a fellow seal and good friend. But Brewer didn’t make it back from the last mission. After brewer’s funeral Remy and Mitchell slept together and felt horrible after. But Remy loved Mitchell and did not regret it nor did he want it to be a one time thing. Mitchell was trying to find her friend Kelli who is a Naval Lt Commander who has went missing. Mitchell is undercover as a stripper named CC as the bar owner Rocco was the man with the connection Mitchell needed. Remy and the rest of the team stop at the strip club and they see Mitchell. When Remy realizes Mitchell is undercover alone he and the team of Seals decide to help. Together Remy and Mitchell and the Seals uncover a  human trafficking ring in Virginia Beach.

I liked this story even though it was a novella it had every thing you could want: action, suspense, exotic dancers, romance, Seals, danger, humor, brotherhood, and so much more. A great story, writing was great, the plot was great as were the characters. I loved all the twists and turns of the story as well as the twists and turns that both Remy and Mitchell go through. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.