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Good Story and Characters

The Trouble with Texas Cowboys (Burnt Boot, Texas) - Carolyn Brown

Gladys hired Sawyer as foreman of the Fiddle Creek Ranch. Gladys’s great niece Jill was also working on the ranch as she would one day inherit it. When Sawyer went in the bunkhouse he found a shotgun pointed at him by Jill who he knows nothing about. There were two feuding families - feud had been going on for over a hundred years- in Fiddle creek, they were the Gallaghers and the Brennans. Both Jill and Sawyer had two invites each to eat Sunday one from each family. Jill and Sawyer have a mutual attraction even though both feuding families had a boy / girl  each for them. Jill and Sawyer pulled together to avoid siding with either family. They had each others back and became best friends and went from there.

I like this story a lot. It was funny in a lot of places and made me laugh. What a crazy story with two feuding families but I really enjoyed it. I liked the plot and this was well written. I loved the characters and all the ins and outs Sawyer and Jill go through as well as the story itself. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.