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Good Story and Characters

Revenant - Larissa Ione

Revenant/Rev believed he was a fallen angel for five thousand years. But how could someone born and raised in Sheole- the demon realm- be considered an angel. Even what he was fed with his mother’s milk was demon blood as a baby. Memories that had been taken from Rev had been returned to him two weeks ago. Now Rev wished he didn’t have those memories at all. But he did have a twin brother who was the opposite of Rev. Then there was Blaspheme who was a doctor at Underground General and Rev wanted her. Rev had been raised in a dungeon with torture specialists. Blas was the daughter of a fallen angel and angel. Blas mother Deva had been cut open by an angel  seriously hurt and she warned Blas they would be looking for her and hunt Blas until the end of time. Reaver was Rev’s twin brother but they did not get along. Rev learned he was a shadow angel which is very rare. Then Reaver informs Rev that Lucifer is about to be reborn. Lucifer had spent his life trying to ruin Rev’s life. Lucifer was Satin’s right hand man and in the newest incarnation Satin’s son. As Blas and Rev get to know each other the more they want each other.

I don’t usually read books involving angels, I don’t normally seem to get into them. But this was a good story and I really enjoyed it.I found this had a good plot. This story made me laugh at times and at other times I choked up. All Rev really wanted was to be accepted and loved. This is the last story in a series and for everything to come together you really need to read the rest of this series in order. Rev was a butt most of the time but somehow a lovable butt. The writing was good as was the plot. I loved the twists and turns of this story especially involving Rev and Blas. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.