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A Holiday Gamble - Jane Feather

Edward/Ned is Count Allentown and traveling during a snowstorm when his couch is robbed. Edward is stranded and goes to Silby Hall.He meets Lady Georgie who is engaged to Godfrey and is not happy with the engagement. Ned had been in India for ten years and  was on his way home as his older brother had been in a riding accident and passed away. Georgie was Silby’s ward and being forced into the engagement. Ned is fascinated with Georgie.

I can’t say I enjoyed this novella. First off the Christmas party seems close to being an orgy. I didn’t like the characters at the party they did seem horrible. I did like Georgie and Ned for the most part. Also the story just ends to quickly and unrealistically. I just didn’t enjoy this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.