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Good Story and Characters

The Trouble With Misbehaving - Victoria Hanlen

Captain Beauford/Beau Toller had been in a Yankee prison during the war and vowed if he survived he would reunite with his brothers and change his life. But Beau had gotten three mysterious letters the first two he just destroyed but the third one he did read and it was signed C C. Beau had lost his nerve after nearly fifty runs as a blockade runner. His nemesis is Navy Commander Rives who had said he will kill Beau if he sees him again. C C needed Captain Toller to take here through the union blockade to get C C to her family. Who had sent her to England ten years earlier but now her family needed her,  C C is at a party and meets up with Beau and the go outside to talk. Then Beau thought he was being followed by two men when it turns out that they were after C C.  Beau wants to start a shipping business if he can come up with the money and C C offers to pay him several times the normal to run the blockade. So Beau agrees to try to run the blockade one last time.

I liked this story it had a lot in it: blade running, pretended insanity, stalking, PSTD, stalking, a strong woman, evil villains, role reversal, danger, suspense, humor, yellow fever, and so much more. This story had a good plot. You felt as though you were right there with Beau and C C . I loved the twists and turns for the characters as well as the story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.