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Say You'll Never Love Me - Ann Everett

Raynie usually likes the bad boy. Raynie is a free spirit and doesn’t believe in forever. Raynie has her own tarot card reading business. Raynie has wonderful friends and can find a man when she wants one. But then tragedy strikes and her sister and brother in law are killed in an accident and Raynie has to raise her six year old niece Silbie. So Raynie moves to take care of her niece. Raynie feels overwhelmed and went to a church to talk to the pastor. She meets Jared in the parking lot and Raynie thinks Jared is the assistant pastor and he doesn’t correct her. Jared is really an architect . Jared has a crazy ex who doesn’t believe the relationship is over and an ex fiance that wants Jared back. Raynie is attracted to Jared but fights it as she feels Jared and her are opposites.

I liked the story for the most part. But i thought Jared was a little mean the way he handled his exs Beth and Julie. Jared not telling Raynie the truth about himself right away bothered me too. Also first the prospective was from secondary character then it switches to Raynie and Jared and wasn’t really on board with that. I did think the story was funny at times and laughed and chocked at other times. I did enjoy the characters .I also liked the in and outs of this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.