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Great Story and Characters

Kitty's Countryside Dream - Christie Barlow

Two months before Kitty had been called to a lawyer’s office to find out she now owned Bluebell Lodge and a small apartment nearby Bluebell Lodge from her grandmother who she had been lead to believe had died before Kitty was born. So now Kitty is off to see what was now hers and make a new life for herself. Kitty at one time had a dream of becoming a doctor and care for her terminally ill mother. But instead she was her mother’s only caregiver and her mom had passed away five months before and at ten years old Kitty lost her dad in a car accident. All Kitty had before the news from the lawyers were her books and Kitty had been at loose ends but now she had a new start, Kitty found a cat in the apartment that was now hers also. The cat’s name was Alfie. There was a bicycle in the apartment and Kitty rode that to town to get some groceries and cat food. After Kitty returned home with the groceries and cat food, Kitty headed off to Bluebell Lodge.Kitty met Tom who was the manager of the farm after a fall then she fell again and Tom helped her up both times. Blue bell Lodge is the name of the farm and chickens are raised for show and eggs there. Kitty was relieved when Tom offered to stay on as her manager,Jeanie became a quick friend to Kitty. Kitty also makes friends with Lucinda who owns the bakery. Kitty found a diary in a safe at Bluebell Lodge dated from 1960 written by Violet. This answered questions she didn’t even know they had.

I loved this story it was really good. The first part is light and sweet with Kitty with Kitty learning about the chicken farm and all that entailed. Then finding the diary changes the tone of the story and a lot of emotions are brought to the front of this part of the story. But Kitty does now have friends to back her. I will sat once the diary was found it was hard to but this story done as I wanted to see what would be said next. At times i choked up . The characters were great especially Kitty and I loved the twists and turns she went through. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.