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Great Story and Characters

Only You (Bachelor Brotherhood) - Denise Grover Swank

Kevin had told his sister Megan that he wanted a house to fix up and flip but he wanted to be able to live in it while he was fixing the house up. Kevin had moved back to his home town after being in the marines for twelve years with two deployments. His life long friend Matt had a job already fro Kevin to oversee a large construction project. His friend owned Osborn Construction. Holly was twenty nine and Kevin was her new neighbor. Holly had never been in love and Kevin wanted nothing to do with women as he always picked the crazy shallow ones. Holly lived with her cousin Melanie and until eleven months ago their grandmother Barb who now had dementia and was in a supervised nursing home. For the first time when Holly stopped to see her grandma Barb didn’t know her. Melanie had made lasagna and told Holly to take some to their new neighbor Holly did but felt she had made a fool of herself and rushed home Both Melanie who was seven and Holly who was five had been taken in by their grandmother when both sets of parents had been together and died in an accident.

I totally loved this story and did not put it down until I had read it all. When i was finished I was not in any way disappointed. This story had a wonderful plot. There were a few typos and words left out but you were told in the beginning and these minor things toke nothing away from the story. I do believe Holly and Kevin rushed into sleeping together but then they slowed everything down and really got to know each other. I loved the characters especially Holly and Kevin but also the others . I loved the twists and turns of this story especially the ones Kevin and Holly went through. I just loved this story and I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.