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Good Story and Characters

If You Can't Take the Heat - Melissa Brown

Whitney had started seeing Nolan who was a well known actor about two years ago. Their relationship was on and off again . She had went eight months without sleeping Whitney had then ended the relationship.with him she blames the drinks for letting him back in her bed. Whitney had discovered Nolan was still sleeping with his ex girlfriend who was also his co star -Gina- while being with her.  But Nolan was stubborn and wanted Whitney back . But Nolan was Nolan and didn’t change even though he said he had and Whitney wasn’t surprised. Whitney’s best friend was Elle and she was waiting for Whitney to wake up and get Nolan out of her life for good. Whitney had been in the entertainment business for ten years, she had worked her way up from mail room coordinator to casting director for three prime time tv dramas. The head of the network was Saul and he wanted to see Whitney and she had no idea why.  Saul presented Whitney the idea of a new culinary reality show. Whitney was choose to head the casting calls in ten big cities across the U, S. searching for the next outstanding chef who after winning the competition would get his/hers own cooking show. The producer was to be Chris Geldermann who was at the top and was very professional and a kind and true to his wife family man who didn’t hit on Whitney.The relationship between a producer and the casting director was very important and Whitney respected Chris. Whitney had two months to finish up her other responsibilities before going on the road for the new proposed show. The cities Whitney would be going to were Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Albuquerque, San Francisco. And Billings,Montana. During Whitney's travels to find the chefs to be on the show Whitney met a former British rugby player turned chef Charlie and a cowboy who owned hsi own restaurant - Wes. Whitney was open about no exclusive relationships and when she chooses the one man she wants to be with she will immediately stop seeing the other two men in her life.

I really liked this story but felt Whitney was fooling around a bit too much. Especially with prospective clients that isn’t very professional. Granted the men were hot And Honestly i can’t blame her but still where was the professionalism. The plat was good and so was the writing. I like the way the story was set and rooted for Whitney to find her HEA . I loved the characters and all the ins and outs Whitney goes through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.