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Good Story and Characters

Kismet - Monica Burns, James Griffin

Allegra is met at the train station in Morocco by Ali who was sent by Major Hastings. Allegra had her maid and friend Millie with her. Allegra owned some thoroughbred horses so she knew something of horses she heard a commotion and a horse and Allegra went to investigate. Allegra was knocked down and the horse reared up over her . But out of nowhere a man appeared and calmed the animal and saved Allegra from being seriously hurt possibly killed. The man was a Bedouin and very tall. Allegra’s body was responding to this man in a way she hadn’t with any other. Allegra was a courtesan and she had never been unable to capture a male’s complete attention but this Bedouin sheikh just turned his back and walked away.Allegra had been brought up in a brothel as her mother had sold her and her sister to a brothel madame. The brothel was named Madame Eugenie. Isabel  was Allegra’s other friend and had also been at Madame Eugenie’s but followed her heart to Major Hastings. Men had showered Allegra with with money and gems. That allowed Allegra to become Independent as she also paid to raise her niece Cordelia . But Cordelia did not know the truth about her aunt or her mother Elizabeth. And Allegra had hoped to keep it that way but know Cordelia was engaged to the Earl of Bledsoe. Allegra had been wrong had been fantasizing about Allegra all day then he sees her at the palace. But then Sheikh Shaheen was told she was a courtesan the type of woman Shaheen avoided with determination. Shaheen had known and thought himself in love with a courtesan Frances when he was younger and had been burnt because of it. Shaheen had went to the terrace and unknowingly Allegra also went out there also. Allegra wants Shaheen’s horse but Shaheen is unwilling to sell. Then Allegra asks Shaheen to stud his horse and Shaheen says for a night with her. Allegra goes to angrily walk away and Shaheen stops her and kisses her and Allegra knew she was in trouble.


I truly loved this story it held me enthralled while I read it. I did not want to put it down until I turned the last page. I was also happy to see Sheikh Shaheen didn’t have a harem as some books i have read. I always did love a good  Sheikh story and this was an excellent one. It had action, a battle of wills, kidnappings, passion, desire, friendship, secrets that can be very harmful, and so much more. I loved the characters especially Khaheen and Allegra and all the twists and turns they went through as well as the story. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.