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Lone Wolf: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance (The Wolf Shifters of Raven Ridge Book 1) - Tessa Clarke

Dalaney’s new job was as a country vet.She was eventually taking over Barry’s practice with another vet named Sam. San wasn’t there yet but when he got there he would handle the farm animal side of the practice as Delaney was actually a companion animal vet. But Barry felt needed to be versatile in a small practice. So Delaney was out doing farm animal calls as Barry had been called out on an emergency. Delaney was going to White Raven ranch. On arriving she met the ranch owner Leif. Leif wants her to set a bald eagle’s broken wing. Leif had been in Afghanistan and he was changed when he came back there was a sadness about him. Leif became a lone wolf and didn’t belong to any pack [ he was a wolf shifter]. Leif didn’t believe in one mate for the rest of your life. Nor did he believe in sharing his women with his  five brothers. But the way his body was reacting to Delaney he definitely planned on having her in his bed. But Leif was a broken man and he knew it. Delaney did accompany Leif to Bozeman when the eagle needed to be taken there to be treated. Leif used his helicopter.  Delaney did sleep with Leif but woke up alone. When Delaney and Leif were having lunch Leif’s oldest brother Wyatt was there. Wyatt was a butt. Wyatt decided he wanted Leif to share Delaney and told Leif in an ordering type way to bring Delaney to dinners so everyone could see and meet her.

I enjoyed this story would have liked it a little longer with more detail and insight especially to the characters. Like what is Delaney’s back story? The characters just need a bit more to them. I did like Delaney and felt bad for the sadness in Leif. I also like that Leif will not share Delaney with his brothers in a sexual way. Maybe the next story will be more complete.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.