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Good Story and Characters

Dead Sexy (Pinnacle Point Book 2) - Kelly Apple

Zane was now a zombie and worked for a P I Firm. He had been a zombie for nine months and twelve days. Maisie had received some death threats and the firm Zane worked for had been hired by the city council for extra security. Chance Zane’s cousin was also on the team and he is a ghost. Zane was lead of the team because he could take a bullet and keep going. Zane had been following Maisie for nine days now. But Zane had a problem that he never thought he would have again, when around Maisie he instantly got hard. He had not had a problem with an erection he didn’t even know he could get hard until he met Maisie. Then Maisie started to show interest in Zane.

I was a little surprised at this story, what a new twist on a zombie story. I liked this one I usually don’t bother with zombie stories so was pleasantly surprised. Zane didn’t seem to be rotting out and all nasty like most zombies and that definitely was the clincher. This was a short story I just wish the story had been a little longer but this story had to be rushed to fit all it did. The story  had it’s funny parts and I definitely enjoyed them. I do recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.