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Great Story and Characters

The Strength of Love - G.L. Ross

Rachel  is ready to give up on love it seems like she is always the bridesmaid never the chance to be the bride. Then one night on girl’s night out she meets a rodeo cowboy Brook who is hot but still has a very sweet nature. They are instantly attracted to each other They get engaged but then Brooks is killed right in front of Rachel. Rachel has a son and names him Brook jr. Fifteen years later Rachel moves to a new city . She is now a middle school counselor. She has made her life: her son, family, and friends. Then tragedy strikes Brook Jr and he is fighting to stay alive which all know is a parents worst nightmare. But her family and friends are there to make sure Rachel doesn’t give up. Then there is also Marcus ….

This was a truly awesome story. Not your normal romance. I laughed at times and cried a lot for Rachel and all life was throwing at her. But she still keeps her faith and with the help of all who love her Rachel keeps going on including keeping her faith. The only thing I even had a little problem with is at times the story was a little slow.but so much is going on most of the time it wasn’t a big thing. As the plot was great and the story inspiring and well written. I loved the characters especially Rachel and all the twists and turns her life had and she still made it. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.