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Good Story and Characters

Pieces Of Me - Jacquie Underdown

Hannah’s grandmother passed away and Hannah has moved to her island home to start over. Then there was a big storm and bear offered to help Hannah fix the damage that was done by the storm.Then Bear and Hannah begin a friendship with a little flirting shot in. But Bear looks at Mercy Island as a prison and all he wants to do is escape it. Alistair was Hannah’s ex and that is why she wants a new beginning as he had been abusive as well as controlling. Bear had a very difficult upbringing . Bear tried to be there for Hannah at her hardest times. He knew what she was going through. Then the friendship grew to love but Hannah wanted to stay on the island and Bear wanted to go…..

This was a very good story although at times i felt the plot was just all over the place. Hannah is a very strong woman to leave Alistair go and leave him for the island but she did it and was happier for it. Bear was also a strong man to overcome his past and look to a happy future. So story is good, characters are great especially Bear and Hannah and all the ins and outs they go through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.