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Good Story and Characters

Reckless in Pink (Emperors Of London Book 4) - Lynne Connolly

Dominic knew he had a lack of supporters and if a scapegoat was needed he would be used and taken to prison. Dominic needed friends. When he was in the army Dominic had a complete branch of allies but here in the world as a civilian not so. Dominic was called and stopped to talk to Malton who was from a very respectable family. Dominic was considered by most to be an intellectual lesser to most and Dominic preferred it that way at least for awhile longer. The general that Dominic had been under while in the army requested Dominic to locate the Young Pretender for the government that was before he had seen Malton. The general seemed to forget Dominic was now a civilian no longer underneath the general. While with Malton he meets Lady Claudia who is Malton’s sister. Dominic is instantly attracted to Lady Claudia. Lady Claudia is twenty four but can’t become Dominic's wife as she had a fiery disposition and once Dominic had fulfilled his duties by marrying and producing an heir he would return to the army and lady Claudia would never sit at home in the country while he was away in the army. Claudia inherited a brothel from an aunt .Dominic learns the Young Pretender hiding at the brothel while Claudia was there he quickly gets her to safety and The Young Pretender escapes Dominic. Dominic knew he had been adopted overseas but then he finds out who his real parents are. Dominic does everything he can to stop Claudia from getting into serious trouble/danger from her many escapades.

I really liked this story. It was well written even though part of a series. I could understand most of the story so wasn’t a problem. I loved how independent Claudia was given the time frame this story took place. I liked the plot also. I loved the characters especially Claudia and Dominic and all the ins and outs they went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.