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The Seventh Bride - T. Kingfisher

Rhea is fifteen and a commoner - a miller’s daughter. Then Lord Craven came to her home and wants her hand in marriage. No commoner could say no to a lord if even dared to try that person and probably his whole family would suffer dire consequences. Also Lord Craven is known to be a friend of the town leader. Then Lord Craven summons Rhea to his manor and she goes. When she gets to the manor Lord Craven isn’t even there but others are. Rhea finds out she is to be the Lord’s the seventh bride. Lord Craven is a sorcerer and uses dark magic. Rhea meets a hedgehog along the way that communicates through gestures to Rhea. The hedgehog is brave, helpful, funny, and clever. Rhea has accepted her fate but really wants to change it if she can. There are some strange things at the manor like a floor that falls away at different times. The lord steals things of worth from his brides like their voice or eyes or even ability to die but leaves his wives alive to all live in his manor. Lord Craven is old enough to be Rhea’s father and totally creeps her out thus wanting to change things if she can. Then Lord craven tells rhea if she can complete some tasks for him  and is successful she can have her freedom back if not she must marry him. Rhea decides to try for her freedom.

I like the story but I felt Lord Craven seemed to have a very modern outlook considering the time period this was suppose to be in. I also believe there should have been more told about Lord Craven himself such as why he choices each bride and where he finds them also should have described some of the characters better especially some of the wives. I would have liked a twist or turn in the story. I didn’t care for the ending either. But I did like Rhea and how she always seemed to have a comment to make. Also I feel the hedgehog added a lot to this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.