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Good Story and Characters

Prince of Nightmares - John McNee

Victor’s wife Josie had committed suicide in the bathroom of their home Victor had been on a business call when he first heard the gunshot but didn’t do anything about it as he was engrossed in his phone call. Josie had reserved the Library Suite at the Ballador House Hotel. Harry had come with Victor even though Victor had said he would be found but Harry ignored him and came anyway. But the suite he was suppose to be in was given to another guest so Victor was put in the Honeymoon Suite. The hotel  has been known to be haunted . for some reason Josie wanted Victor to be here for four days and he was determined to do just that hoping to understand why Josie killed herself. When Victor looked in the mirror in bedroom he saw a frail old man. Victor went down to the lobby and talked to the manager and while talking victor said it couldn’t be that bad in the hotel and she told him she had slept at the hotel one night ten years ago and it would be another 100 years before she did it again.  The hotel had a had a restaurant but also a bar that was open twenty four hours a day. The manager felt it was worth it so guests could sit in the bar and tell their stories to each other. As the hotel was guaranteed to give you even signed a waiver of not holding the hotel responsible for any psychological or physical problems that may occur while there. The history of the hotel is one of blood and misery. The residents feed on pain and suffering. Victor must navigate through ghosts and demons to decide which are reality and which are just dreams. Victor got to where he was by stepping on anyone or anything that got in his way . he really doesn’t have any redeeming qualities and he only cares for himself.

I myself was reminded of Clive Barker’s work. Some of this was a little too gross for me. But all and all was a good horror story. I wish there had been more history of the Ballard House before it was a hotel.  I got a little annoyed when at times it was hard to tell between nightmare and reality. But I got through it. As I said good but gross in spots . But well worth the four star rating I gave. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.