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Good Story and Characters

First Match (Coded for Love 0) - Lynne Silver

Peter was twenty years old and was at his first rock concert. But with his enhanced hearing he wasn’t really enjoying himself. Peter had been bred to defend his country , he was an enhanced soldier. He had also begged to be let off campus so he could learn about his country.s culture first hand. Then two girls offered him some cannabis. He could not admit he was from a secret military base so he had a cover story that he was a son of farmers in rural Virginia and it would cover why he was so innocent in many things.He learned one of the girls was named Allison and he asked her to help him chill out and she agreed. Peter and Allison slept together and it was great especially since Peter was a twenty year old virgin. As the month progressed Peter snuck out to see Allison and he realized she was his match. One evening the doctors called Peter to them and he found they had kidnapped Allison. Peter was really angry whereas the doctors were excited he was the first soldier to be matched.

I really enjoyed this story other than I felt it was too rushed. But other than that it was great, Although hard to believe anyone would wait ten years to sleep with someone. But I did love the story and the characters especially Allison and Peter and all the twists and turns they went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.