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Wild Thunder - Cassie Edwards

Hannah is an eighteen year old girl who is a tomboy and doesn’t want to change her ways. Hannah’s parents then send her to a convent to become a nun. Hannah was in isolation as she refused to cut her long hair. She felt that was her only asset. Hannah wanted to train show horses but her father was against it. He wanted her to be a doctor like him but Hannah wanted nothing to do with that. So now her brother was going blind and Hannah was to go to his ranch to be with him. She would be Chuck’s eyes. She had already went horseback riding and took a look at the Potawatomes Indian village. She at least felt free with her brother. Tiny Sharp was her brother’s foreman and Hannah didn’t trust him. Strong Wolf showed up at Chuck’s door one day . Strong Wolf made Hannah feel alive in  a way  she never had before. Tiny wants all that is Chucks and feel Hannah is a hindrance to him obtaining that goal. Hannah dreams of Strong Wolf. Strong Wolf has dreams of a long yellow haired woman.

This book was one you didn’t hate and you didn’t really love. It just somehow missed the wow factor I love in a story. The writing was good, and I liked the action in the story. I liked most of the characters other than Tiny. Strong Wolf was a great character and I loved how he wanted peace and how he tried to do things. Hannah was a pretty good character also.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.