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Good Story and Characters

This One's For You - Brandy Jellum

Brennan has just started college she had a nice roommate - and a cute boy across the hall - Owen. Her best friend Reagan had died and Brennan promised her she would be good while in college. Brennan’s having problems moving on and letting people in. But Brennan definitely has chemistry for Owen. Everyone tells her to stay away from Owen and even Owen himself and he really is everything she shouldn’t want or get involved with. Brennan herself is having problems with mood swings. Owen is definitely a player and could very well break Brennan’s heart. Brennan had protective parents and older brothers that were protective and she wanted a fresh start if possible and that is why she picked an out of state college. She had a roommate Amelia is fun and easy going friend but Brennan felt as though she was betraying Reagan and the friendship they had before her death. Both Brennan and Owen had secrets they are keeping to themselves.

This was a pretty good story and I did enjoy it but felt it was a little long. I liked the characters and I liked the twists and turns Owen and Brennan went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.