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Great Story and Characters

Poisonous: A Novel (Max Revere Novels) - Allison Brennan

Maxine’s/Max  right hand man was David Kane. Max was taking off two weeks to look into Ivy’s murder. She had received a letter from Ivy’s half brother Tommy and it had touched her so she decided to look into this cold case. David was Max’s business partner and best friend and had once been her bodyguard. Max had a show named Maximum Exposure. Ivy had been seventeen and pushed over a cliff and died. Tommy was mentally slow but could go to school. Max had learned about Tommy when talking to Grace - the detective that had handled Ivy’s case which was now fourteen months old. Many teens had reason to hate Ivy as she used her keyboard to expose the dirty little secrets of her classmates through social media. One girl had even committed suicide from Ivy’s writings about her.

This story was great. I did love it. It dragged a little at times but the story itself kept me interested. I was very glad I finished it. The story had a lot of twists and turns and i loved that. I highly recommend.   

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.