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Great Story and Characters

Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance - Shellee Roberts

Mariely did not like drama. But at a party all was seeing their schools power couple Cabot and Audrey ending before their very eyes. They all went to school at New Gen a creative arts high school. Mariely boyfriend of 3 years was Jacen and her best friend was Willa. Then Mariely finds her boyfriend cheating on her with another guy. Jacen had seemed so sweet and adorable yet he cheated on  Mariely and in front of everyone. Mariely and cabot bumped into each other at the coffee house. Apparently neither of them wanted to be at school with all the stares after the drama from the party. Mariely and Cabot decided to make it look like they were now together. Mariely had even compiled a script for them to follow so people would believe them . But things seemed to go ok and they didn’t need the script so they seemed to have forgotten about it.

I loved this story it was a great one as far as I am concerned. Now too long not too short just right as far as I am concerned. Almost sounds like something that could happen. I laughed at parts of the story and choked up at parts of the story. You felt like you were there. I loved the characters of Mariely and Cabot and all they went through. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.