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Never Sweeter: A Dark Obsession Novel - Charlotte Stein

Letty was in film theory class when she heard a voice from her past and was terrified. The voice of a bully who had made her life hell with 2 of his friends for all of HS.He had been in the truck that pushed her over a cliff onto rocks she could have died. She ran from the class yet somehow Tate had beat her to the exit. She thought he had purposely let her fall after he grabbed her but then let her go. The Letty told Tate if he really cared just to leave her alone. So far it had been three days and she hadn’t seen him again. Then she finds him outside the class on the stairs writing notes he had borrowed. Tate was a big man a wrestling champ. Letty told Tate she didn’t mean he couldn’t come in the class because they were both in the same one. Then the professor assigns them a project that will last for the rest of the year together. Could Letty honestly be his partner. Tate asked her to try that he was totally different now. That he doesn’t even know why he acted they way he did in HS and he was sorry.

I just don’t really see Letty forgiving Tate, she was too traumatized from what I understood of her character. Also why didn't the story go into why Tate and his friends treated Letty the way they did especially when she hadn’t done anything to them. I just didn’t believe this story and to really enjoy a story i have to have an element of belief or that it was right the way it was portrayed . I .

Didn’t feel that way about this story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.