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Good Story and Characters

Stealing Second (Feeling the Heat) - Alison Packard

Katherine/Katie had left Dallas seventeen years ago . She worked for the San Francisco Blaze baseball team. Doug was the general manager. Tom was the manager of the team and from Texas also. Tom was the one who had broken Katie’s heart. Katherine held the title of Senior vice president of communications for the Blaze team. Tom felt Katie had walked away from him seventeen years ago without a goodbye. John and Katie had fallen in love in high school. Katie’s family had money John’s didn’t. Katie and John had been mislead about a fake rape accusation. So each believes the other just walked away. The families felt that Tom and Katie should follow their own dreams, that they were too young to be so serious. Now Katherine refuses to talk to Tom about anything except Blaze business especially not about the past. But neither has found a love like they had with each other, the attraction was also still there as well as feelings.

I liked this story a lot. It made me mad the families were willing to cause both Tom and Katie so much pain and caused them to break up. I do think there were a few too many subplots going on but did get past them to finish this story. I loved the characters especially John and Katie and all they go through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review