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Good Story and Characters

The Pitch - Belinda Williams

In three years Madeline/Maddy has done nothing but work at growing her company Founded Marketing.it has become the fastest growing companies. She has no real love life but is okay with that as her company is the most important thing to her. She has She has the biggest pitch for a client coming up and her father arranged for Paul Nierter  to mentor Maddy . Maddy is very attracted to Paul and having problems keeping her mind on the job. Paul is forty four years old and Maddy is twenty nine. Paul is the first guy Maddy has been attracted to in four years. Her ex boyfriend left her as she can’t have kids.

This was a very good story about business relationships that turn personal. This was well written and made me laugh out loud several times which is always a plus. I loved the plot of this story also. The characters were good especially Paul and Maddy and all the ins and outs they go through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.