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Wicked Dark Dragon - Lolita Lopez

Ivy had been adopted a few weeks after she had been born. Ivy felt she was different from other people. She dreamed of faraway places. Ivy had also dreamt of dragons since she was six years old.  Then Ivy goes to Mexico for Spring Break and gets kidnapped. Lately Ian/Mad is having erotic dreams of an unknown woman. Then he wonders if someone really needs his help and leaves to find her as Mad believes she is his true mate. Mad rescues Ivy from the Knights. Mad is a dragon shifter. The Knights want control of Ivy as she has seer powers. Ivy does realize she is a dragon or that they even exists. Mad had been at Ivy’s birth but after her adoption by humans he continues with his life. A dying seer is holding Ivy captive trying to probe her mind but wants Ivy destroyed. The Brotherhood Of dragons which Mad belongs too. Mad has to get caught to save Ivy and then wait for his brother dragons to rescue them.

This was another story where you don’t hate it but you also don't love it either. Although at times it did make me laugh. It was short like a novella so it didn’t take long to read. Mad’s fellow dragons did Mad dirty and I didn’t like that but I kinda understood it but still didn’t like it. I like the characters of Mad and Ivy but felt they fell in love way too quick even for a short story. If it’s lust call it lust and not love. But I did enjoy some of the twists and turns in the story.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.