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Good Story and Characters

Windburn - Juliette Cross

There is a  man/ dragon race called the Morgans and the lines between humans and dragons is becoming less and less. Sorcha is helping the opening of the first human/Morgan nightclub called Spire Maiden. She is in charge to make sure the club appeals to dragons as well as humans. Sorcha has a wall around her heart and male- dragons or humans are only good for certain needs as far as Sorcha is concerned. Lorian is in charge of the project. He comes across steely and untouchable but that’s not the real him. Lorain wants Sorcha but on his terms. But she doesn’t want to know anything about that even though she is attracted to Lorian. Then she starts finding mysterious gifts from an anonymous person and the card bears the mark of an ancient cult. Sorcha then admits she needs protection and Lorain is willing to protect and help her.

I liked this story a lot. I loved how stubborn Sorcha was and determined no one   would get to her heart. I also liked the intrigue of the mysterious gifts and if Dorcha will make it through the story alright. Loriam was all male and determined to have Sorcha and her heart but he was also determined to protect her and find out who was behind the gifts. I loved the characters especially Sorcha and Lorian and all the ups and downs they go through and all the ups and downs they go through, I recommend;

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.