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Behind the Scenes: Things are Never Quite as They Appear - Sophie Childs

Bethan’s boyfriend is Lee. She recently got a secretarial job with the boss from hell. But she has to stick it out for now. Lee has a band and promises it will hit it big soon. Bethany is a big film fan so escapes to see an occasional movie as she is supporting  both her and Lee. On a commute to work  Bethan sees her favorite actor and chats with him. Then he invites her to a day on the set.

I did not really click with this story. I didn’t like how Lee walks all over Bethan and she puts up with it. She hates her job but doesn’t look for another. Then to top it off she is supporting both herself and Lee. Her best friend goes out with men that are taken with a shallow excuse and that is just selfish and mean. I just didn’t find much I really liked.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.