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Good Story and Characters

Taming Me - Alexandrea Weis

Lexi was a writer who wanted the perfect story. Her agent wants her to write about something different and out there. Then she meets Garrett who is an architect in a case of mistaken identity. Then Lexi finds out Garrett is into the BDSM lifestyle and wants to write a true portrayal of all the lifestyle involves. Garrett says he will teach Lexie about being a sub as he is a master or dom. Garrett comes across cold and controlling but he wants Lexi to submit to him. Garrett and Lexi have chemistry right away, but Lexi is a very strong willed lady and doesn’t understand why people let another person totally control them.

I like this story . I liked the struggle Lexi had with herself as well as Garrett to become a sub to Garrett’s dom. Ev en though I have read some stories already on the BDSM lifestyle this gives you even more information in a very realistic way. It was like you could almost feel what the characters were. I liked the characters of Lexi and Garrett and all the ins and outs they both went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.