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Good Story and Characters

Unlikely Venture - Kristen Luciani

Jessica/Jess had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Her fiance Drew had dumped Jess when he found out she had MS. Then one night after too much vodka Jess had a one night stand with Paul something she normally would never do. Now Jess was up for a promotion but Derek was sure that he would get the promotion and not Jess. Jess worked for DMC. She works with technology, start ups that need help with taking their companies public. Lisa is Jess’s best friend. Jess runs into James twice in one day and both times James helped her. Paul and Jess run into each other at Stanford and he tells Jess to call him, he maybe able to help Jess as far as her job goes. James co-owns a gaming company with Chris. Then it comes to pass Paul is going to invest in James company. Paul is also determines to have Jess.

This was a very good story. I really enjoyed it. I liked that Jess wouldn’t give up and kept striving in her career never knowing from day to day how much longer it would be before she ended up in a wheelchair. Then Paul trying to get with Jess again but she really starts caring for James. I loved the characters of Jess and James and all the twists and turns they went through. But didn’t really like Paul that much. Loved Chris and Lisa. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.