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Excellent Anthology

Cowboy Justice 12-Pack - Susan Stoker, Lexi Post, Becky McGraw, Sabrina York, Cynthia D'Alba, Randi Alexander, Sable Hunter, Donna Michaels, Lindsay McKenna, Delilah Devlin, Beth Williamson, Elle James

This was a great anthology written by great authors. I loved each story I read. My biggest problem is that I ran out of time so I haven’t read all of them. I highly recommend.

--Justice for Laine - Susan Stoker - 4 Stars

Laine meets Wes when she agrees to accompany her friend on a charity photoshoot to capture a “real” cowboy. She doesn’t expect the instant attraction between the two of them.

This was a complete and straightforward story. I really liked the flow of the story and the characters.

--Justice Burning - Elle James - 5 Stars

Phoebe Sinclair is jilted at the alter. In her relief, she steals the groom’s car and skips out of town, only to find out that the groom hadn’t really skipped town and she has led an innocent town into danger.

When I read the description, I didn’t think I was going to like the story. Then I read the story. The author blew me away with how great it was. I loved following Phoebe grow up and find a life she never thought she’d have. Loved it and highly recommend.

--Laying Down The Law - Becky McGraw - 4 Stars
Melanie Fox is a successful doctor in Texas, far away from her hometown in Georgia. When she’s forced to go back home to take care of her mother and aunt, she runs into Brock Cooper. Brock is the new sheriff and former bad boy that Melanie had been in love with when she was a teenager. Right from the bat they clash, but when Brock asks her to help with his ailing son, Melanie does what she can to help him.

This was a pretty good story. I really liked the characters, especially Melanie’s mom. The only problem I had, and why I’d give it a 4 instead of a 5, is that Brock can’t seem to stop calling Melanie by a nickname that was horrible to her throughout the story. This really bugged me, although it didn’t deter from the story as a whole. I’d highly recommend.

--Texas Justice - Cynthia D’Alba - 5 Stars

Kyle Monroe is the town sheriff. He finally got Tess Sweeney, a surgeon at the local hospital, to start dating him. When she’s accused of malpractice and tries to push him away, he refuses to let her go.

This was a great story. The characters were well written and there was a lot of story for the amount of pages given. I would like to see in the future to see if her relationship ever gets better with Kyle’s twin.

--Texas Lone Star - Sable Hunter - 3.5 Stars

Dallas McCain is a bitter Texas Ranger. When he’s asked to check out a claim of cattle being stolen, he doesn’t expect his whole outlook on life to be changed.

This was a very cute story with a serious plot. My only complaint is that Lennon, although definitely a survivor, seems to have her head in a romance novel in regards to Dallas and I had a little problem with that. Overall not a bad read.

--Cain’s Law - Delilah Devlin - 4 Stars

Cain Whitfield is a deputy in a small Texas town. When he’s called to assist with a fire and sees the victim, Carina Black, he starts to feel things he hasn’t felt in a long time.

This was a good, quick read. Some of the scenes were really hot and there was a good overall story. I recommend.

--Protect and Serve - Sabrina York - 5 Stars

Charlie Dunham just became the new sheriff in his old hometown. When he pulls over Claire Silver, his old high school crush and his best friend’s younger sister, his interest and attraction are still very much alive. Now he’ll have to see if the feelings are mutual.

This was a really good story with a combination of coming home plot and best friend’s little sister with a bit of danger thrown in for good measure. The story flowed very well. I especially loved the dancing scene:) I really enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more from this series.

**I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review