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Good Story and Characters

Unbreakable Bonds (Angela Panther series Book 2) - Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

Angela/Ang used to be able to hear ghosts but had lost the ability six months ago when her father had died. But the ghosts still tried to connect even if it meant hurting her. But by losing her gift she could no longer connect with her mom who had been a constant in Ang’s life for the last year. Mel was Ang’s best friend. Mel tells Ang her husband Nick is cheating on her and it wasn’t the first time. Mel asked Ang to help her prove it so her kids would know the truth. But Mel said they would need Ang’s mother Fran’s help. Ang learns from her psychic Linda she has been selfish in that she wanted her gift back to talk to her parents when her gift was to help other people not herself.

This was definitely a good read. I laughed through a lot of it. My heart went out to Mel and and the problems she was having but still a true friend. Then I loved how Ang had to struggle to even get part of her gift back. But loved her character and Mels as well as Josh.I loved the twists and turns they all went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.