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Good Story and Characters

Breaking Love (Full Hearts Book 2) - MJ Summers

Luc has a thriving  business which is a nightclub. He has all the money, excitement, and women he could ever want. Megan is a single mom with a five year old son Ethan then travels to Paris to see her friend Harper. Megan meets Luc and they hook up. It was only to be one night but became more and Luc saw Megan when he could but no strings but Megan was falling for Luc.But neither wants to see Megan’s son Ethan hurt so they decide to end the relationship.

A really good story. A little drama in the story and and a little boy and a long distance romance. All came together in a great way. Well written. I really enjoyed the characters especially Megan and Luc and all the ups and downs the went through. I recommend.

I received an Arc of this story for an honest review.