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Great Story and Characters

Still - Ann Mayburn

Wyatt had got out of the military about a year ago. Michelle Sapphire had been called to basil Wyatt out of jail, she had just done a twelve hour shift at the clinic and then called out of bed for Wyatt. Was drunk and Michelle was mad. Michelle was a doctor who had been very attracted to Wyatt when in the service and the time apart did not dampen the attraction but he had been an officer and he had not been one. The cop talking to Michelle was Gary Wyatt’s brother in law and told Michelle the family had done everything they could think of to do to get Wyatt through his PTSD. Gary also told Michelle Wyatt was lucky if he got four hour of sleep a night and Wyatt was exhausted. Michelle told Gary she would have Wyatt stay with her a month for personal rehab. Michelle remembered Wyatt as someone she could rely on, her rock , but now he just seemed lost. A flashback for Michelle as they walked down the hall with Wyatt behind her was when Wyatt had shadowed Michelle in Afghanistan always watching her back.Tonight Wyatt had been drunk at the cemetery with a large knife sitting at his best friend Aaron Winter’s grave who had committed suicide when he could not deal with his PTSD.

I really loved this story even if they tied BDSM lifestyle into it but very tastefully. Great writing. But this story showed a strong man suffering deeply from PTSD then with his friend not making it ….It shows his triggers and how he felt and acted when he had panic attacks with a lot of detail. You felt like you were right there with Wyatt. It was the story that gripped your interest as well as your heart for these people who fight to keep us all free. The characters were phenomenal especially Wyatt and Michelle. To know Michelle had her own demons to fight through only added to the story. The twists and turns Wyatt and Michelle went through kept you to the story until the last page a bit of a cliffhanger but doable leading into another story. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.