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Good Story and Characters

A Ruthless Proposition  - Natasha Anders

Cleopatra/Cleo’s boss was Dante Damason. Dante had hit red tape with the starting of construction on Dante’s new hotel in Tokyo. Cleo went with Dante to Tokyo as no one else could. Cleo had been working for Dante four months and she knew he didn’t feel she didn’t qualify  for the  job she had had messed up once when she was first hired but he never forgot  but didn’t fire her because Dante was friends with her brother Luc. So Dante worked with her as little as possible. Cleo ends up sleeping with Dante while they are in Tokyo and a few times once they are back in the states then they agree to end the affair. Cleo had  been a ballerina but after a bad injury can no longer dance. Then Cleo finds after they have ended things that she is pregnant by Dante he treats her even worse than before and fires her.

I loved this story but sure hated Dante’s character for the longest time. He was such an absolute butthole but things changed as the story goes on. I felt so bad for Cleo’s character but she did keep a                  backbone as well as she could considering her circumstances. I loved the characters except for Dante until near the end of the story. I liked Cleo and all the twists and turns she went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.