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Great Story and Characters

The Stage: A Phoenix Rising Novel - Shelby Rebecca

Mia was at the table to check in for “ The Stage” a new singing competition. Mia's best friend Kayla was also there with her for moral support. Mia tells the story of how a fire killed her parents a year ago and she is raising her nine year old sister Riley. Mia feels she must let go of her dignity and values as she was running out of money and everything was about Riley anyways. Mia did make it to the finals to be on the show. While at the first filming as Mia and Riley are leaving to return to the hotel they are staying at Holton Royce shows up. Kolton is a rock and roll God in today's world. He also goes over and talks to Mia and wishes her luck. Mia wins her spot on the show and has to pick a coach out of the very talented people there and she picks Kolton. He has his own record label so maybe he can help that way if she doesn’t win. Then Kolton hires a woman to act as a sort of Nanny for Riley, and also get an apartment where Kolton feels Mia and Riley will be safer. Soon feelings  develop on both sides but Mia wants to keep it professional for the competition. But Kolton is feeling much more than professional interest for Mia.

I loved this story it is an excellent story. The plot was great from the tragedy of Mia's and Riley's life to the competition to Kolton. I adored the characters . The twists and turns Mia and Kolton go through is so believable. I loved it. I highly recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.