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My Stepbrother the Groom: A Romantic Comedy (Lexi's Sexy Romantic Comedy Series Book 1) - Lexi Maxxwell

Ella is 27 and at another wedding her mother has forced her to go to in hopes of drumming up clients or contacts for the family wedding business that Ella hates. She decides to get a drink and meets Nathan who is about to become her stepbrother and is engaged and involved in a double wedding with his dad and her mom. Then Ella gets a text from her current boyfriend and he dumps her. Then Ella decides she wants Nathan free or not and decides to go after him.

I didn’t love this story I didn’t hate it but I was disappointed with the plot and characters . What kind of woman goes after a man who is taken and then what kind of person is he. Nathan was engaged with a planned wedding that should have been that. So I read this but still wasn’t something I totally enjoyed but didn’t hate it hence the 3.