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Immortal Kiss - Laura Daleo

Danny and Beth had been a couple of four years yet she didn’t love him that way. The love belonged to the mist/ vampire. But Danny wanted Beth to move in with him and then he said choose one of us, you can’t have both. Beth would not choose and Danny left. Beth was six the first time she remembered seeing the mist. Finally Beth told the mist to show himself or she would walk away. He appears and talks to Beth, he says his name is Philippe and he has moved from France to be close to her. Philippe is now her neighbor. Philippe is a 725 year old vampire but immortals don’t really think about time. Philippe has a caretaker named Betty and she would take care of Beth until Philippe arouse for the night. Beth decides and stays with Philippe . But then Amon enters the picture and tells Beth he was promised to him by her mother. But Beth has already married Philippe. Amon also tells her he was the mist all this time and with her all her life. Caleb is Philippe’s maker and contacts the council to decide what is to be done as neither Philippe or Amon wants to give Beth up.

I liked this story a lot . A totally different take on a vampire story. I didn’t like the fact of the blood lottery but understood it. Also felt Beth’s mother was very selfish to give a promise of her daughter so she could live. I loved the characters of Beth, Philippe and Amon. can’t wait for the next story. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.