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The Spinster Bride - Jane Goodger

Mr Charles Norris always falls for the wrong woman and she marries another man. Charles has been away for a long time fighting for England but now he wants his own home and family. Marjorie was the only daughter of a late Earl her mother has demanded she marry a man with a title. Marjorie would rather not get married at all. Charles gets Marjorie to agree to help him find a wife. Marjorie has a younger brother who isn’t normal and there has been a couple times she may have married but overheard her brother George being made fun of or put down so she decided to stay single. Now Marjorie has decided to help Charles find a bride.

I like this book for the most part but too many subplots and in other parts of the story seemed rushed to me. I like the characters a lot especially Charles and Marjorie all the ins and outs they end up going through.  

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.