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Good Story and Characters

ZEKE - Kelly Gendron

Lurlene was a little on the shy side but was a high school English teacher. But she also had a daring side. She was challenged by her friends to break Zeke and make him forget the rules he lived by as far as women were concerned. Lurlene was 25 and still a virgin . Zeke has older brothers and her two friends had taken on two of them and were successful. So now  it was Lurlene’s turn. When Lurlene met Zeke he was nothing like she thought he would be. Zeke was confident, caring, playful, arousing, and like to quote from books. But they definitely liked to push each others buttons. Anyone could feel the chemistry between Zeke and Lurlene. But Zeke wanted to stay away but couldn’t seem to help himself and he wanted more and that scared him. Zeke felt he was shattered as a little boy.

I liked this story a lot. I liked that Lurlene and Zeke became friends first. There are two other books in this series that would add more to this I am sure. The plot moves a little fast. The ending seems a little rushed to me. But I really liked the characters and all the ins and outs Zeke and Lurlene go through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.