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Good Story and Characters

Red-Line: The Shift - J.T. Bishop

Sarah worked at a bookstore. She had been having problems sleeping at night and it was putting her job in jeopardy. Rachel also works at the bookstore and is Sarah’s friend. John Ramsey was assigned to see Sarah through her shift. He had failed his last assignment but felt the man was an idiot and did the best he could in the circumstances. Morgana stood up for John so he did get the assignment but she was also there to remind him both their butts were on the line. John was a protector but sensed something wasn’t right . Sarah was a special assignment as she was a red-line and there hadn’t been that type of shifter in sixty years. Finally Sarah and John get together and he tells her she is not human . A shift is a period of intense transformation. John finds out Sarah is the key to his survival. John has to contend with an assailant to protect Sarah.

Although the story started out slow once it gets going it was really good. You don’t want to put it down until you finish the last page. The action, danger, and chemistry aspects were off the wall. Love Sarah and all she went through finding out who and what she really was. Other characters in the story were good also. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.