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Good Story and Characters

Almost a Princess - Karen Hall

Philippe is a prince and his dad is very sick and he needs to be engaged to a woman from another royal family to be named the next king. Philip’s cousin wants the throne for himself. Philippe's best friend is Perry and he sends him to America to give Jordan a deal if she will play being Philippe’s  fiance for a couple of weeks. Jordan and her grandfather run a diner but are about to lose and Jordan will do anything to prevent that and then Perry comes to her with the deal.  While in Schoneland - where Philippe is prince- Jordan finds she is falling for Perry while pretending to be engaged to Philippe while Perry is also falling for Jordan but is tore.

A pretty good story all around. I really did enjoy it. The writing was good and drew you in. The best part of this story was the characters. Jordan and Perry were of course the favorites with all the ins and outs they went through. I recommend.

I received an ARC of this story for an honest review.